Private Medical Insurance

Private medical policies can help you financially with the cost of private healthcare


What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance (or PMI for short) is an insurance policy that can help with the costs of private healthcare, including diagnosis and medical treatment.

By paying a monthly premium, if you develop an acute health condition that begins after your policy has started, private medical insurance could cover some, or even all, of the costs associated with it’s treatment.

Private Medical Insurance could mean you can get access to medical services or treatment quicker, with the level of cover you could receive being dependent on your selected policy options.

Also, due to there being more competition in the market, the cost of Private Medical Insuance is likely less than
you’re expecting, making it more affordable and accessible than ever before.

What are the Key Features of Private Medical Insurance?

When it comes to Private Medical Insurance, unlike the majority of other protection insurances we advise on, we do not undertake ‘whole of market’ research. Instead, we use a select panel of Insurers that we consider offer good value cover, whether you are a business or a private individual.

Aviva’s ‘Speedier Diagnostics’ policy

This insurance is designed to provide cover to enable a specialist to make an initial diagnosis of an illness or injury.

The Core Key Features of this product are:

  • In-patient and day-patient hospital charges for diagnostic tests such an endoscopy or removal of tissue for biopsy
  • Specialist fees for in-patient and day-patient diagnostic tests
  • Specialist fees for out-patient consultations and diagnostic tests
  • Out-patient diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-rays and scans

Aviva’s ‘Healthier Solutions’ policy

This insurance is designed to provide cover to obtain treatment for an acute condition such as a disease, illness or injury, that is likely to respond quickly to treatment.

The Core Key Features of this product are:

  • In-patient and day-patient hospital treatment
  • Out-patient consultations
  • Out-patient diagnostic tests and treatment
  • Out-patient mental health treatment
  • Cancer treatment and aftercare
  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment on referral by a specialist
  • NHS cash benefit—cash payment for NHS stays
  • Baby bonus—cash payment for each baby

Hospital options

where you are covered for treatment. You must choose one of these
options – this will affect your premium

  • Expert Select – a guided hospital option
  • Key list (nationwide list)
  • Extended list (nationwide list with additional
  • London coverage)
  • Trust Care list (NHS private patient unit and
  • partnership hospitals only)
  • Signature list (hospitals in Scotland and
  • Northern Ireland only)
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‘Heathier Solutions’ plan options

Everybody has different ‘needs and wants’. So, with Aviva’s ‘Healthier Solutions’ policy, in addition to the plans key features, you can opt to either increase or decrease your cover.

Increase your cover (increasing your premiums)

Decrease your cover (reducing your premiums)


For private medical insurance, the only Insurers we will consider are Aviva and Exeter Friendly Society.

This means that, whilst we will still provide you with a personal recommendation, our recommendation will not represent a fair analysis of the market, as we will only approach Aviva and/or Exeter Friendly Society for a quotation.

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