High Risk Employment – Accident & Sickness Income Protection Insurance

Does your job put you in the line of fire of aggressive, violent people, or in situations that could turn ‘bad’?

Do you work as a door supervisor, close protection officer, in a secure environment or where you visit people in the community?

Ask yourself the question…what happens if I get injured and cannot work?

Will my employer continue to pay me your while I’m off work?

With fewer employers offering it’s employees sick pay packages, the answer is, probably not.

Even if they would, how much of your salary would they pay, and for how long?

Income Protection insurance could help financially support you, if you find yourself unable to work due to injury OR sickness, as it can pay you a percentage of your income while you’re off work, meaning you’ll still get money coming in to help pay the bills.

A quick word from an ex-Door Supervisor/military veteran

Hi, I’m Brett Mackenzie.

I have been working in ‘high risk’ environments since the age of 16, when I joined the British Army. I started in the Infantry and after leaving, I worked for many years in the Great Yarmouth and Norwich areas as a Door Supervisor.

As a young man working on the doors, you feel bulletproof. Sadly, this is not the case – I have coached door supervisors who have been involved in bad incidents, which really effected their self confidence. It’s not just about the risk of physical harm – repeatedly placing yourself in the face of violence takes its toll on your mental health too.

As well as door work, I have had the pleasure of providing close protection to celebrities, MPs and was Head of Security for a large military pressure group. I have also provided military training for security teams overseas. Over the past 30 years, I have seen a lot of bad things and people getting hurt.

Now, let me tell you the story about Dave

Dave is a mate, he had been working as a Loss Prevention Officer for many years. Dave was provide inadequate back up. One day, it went ‘pear shaped’ when his boss at a well known department store got into a spot of bother with some shop lifters.

Dave being Dave, he did his duty and backed up his boss. It started going sideways. The shop lifters had been stealing alcohol and during the altercation, a bottle was broken and Dave had his hand badly injured and required surgery. He was unfit to work for months. Money was tight and Dave thought he was being poorly treated by his employer, so he contacted a solicitor.

The solicitor was in the process of pursuing Dave’s employer for compensation for the injury he had sustained. Unfortunately, what Dave and solicitor didn’t know, was that this business was struggling financially and it sadly went into liquidation.

Moral of the story is, don’t be like Dave!

Check your employment contract to see what it says about sick pay – then get yourself some protection insurance to pay you an income, when your employer doesn’t.

Just remember…it’s up to you to manage your personal risk – when you work in a dangerous job, your risk is high, so get yourself covered.

Can I afford to have it?


Can I afford not to?

If a high risk job is your main source of income, and you don’t have savings or other continuing income to fall back on if you cannot work due to illness or injury, you should consider Income Protection.

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The above cover is available across several different policies and all cover is subject to underwriting and individual circumstances.

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