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Properly Protected: Personal Injury Plans.

We are acutely aware that the most valuable asset in your home, is in fact YOU! It’s also the one asset that often gets forgotten when looking at protection insurance.

Would a tax free lump sum payment be useful if you were injured at work or at play?

Properly Protected have tailor-made policies for our clients that protect your lifestyle should you be involved in an accident in which you suffer an injury

Properly Protected Personal Accident Plans are designed for Employed and Self employed people to pay a tax free cash sum to help contribute towards day to day living expenses, e.g. if you're involved in an accident and break a bone, suffer burns, are hospitalised, or suffer serious life changing injuries including permanent total disablement.

Properly Protected Personal Accident plan will pay up to £2,000 tax free lump sum per break or or up to £500,000 for life changing injuries like Quadriplegia - allowing you to concentrate on getting better and even contributing towards private treatment.

Cover from as little as £3.96 per month (less than a film rental) !!

No Underwriting means Guaranteed acceptance.

  • Up to £2,000 tax free per fracture payable
  • Up to £750 per week if you are hospitalised as an in-patient (maximum 104 weeks)
  • Up to £500,000 for life changing injuries / disablement
  • Up to £200,000 for accidental death
  • Perfect for self-employed people (as well as employed)

Cover continues 24/7 when AT WORK (all trades covered), AT HOME, when TRAVELLING (up to 3 months away from the UK) and when playing many AMATEUR SPORTS - professional sports injuries are excluded.

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Cheaper than you think, plus you can include Family / Children Cover

Biker Injury Plans - Pricing (per month)BronzeSilverGold
Personal Accident - Individual Cover
Includes children of single parents where they live with you (see more detail below)
Personal Accident - Family Cover (partner and children)£7.92£19.80£39.60

Children are included as standard on an individual policy IF you're a single parent AND the dependant children reside with you - subject to the maximum child age limit of 18 (23 if unmarried and in full time education).

Children under 16 get reduced benefits (50% of adult benefits) and only £2,500 for accidental death.

If children aren’t dependant (living with you as a single parent, or your spouse/partner is living with you then Family Cover is required instead).

Children under 30 days and Foster children are excluded.

Active Sports Insurance.

Personal Accident insurance will still cover you if you take part in active sports. Live your life free from financial concerns knowing that you are Properly Protected...

  • IMMEDIATE COVER once signed-up (no waiting periods if you're racing this weekend)
  • WORK & SPORTS INJURIES covered too
  • WORLDWIDE COVER (you must be a UK resident to buy cover though and it won't cover events which occurs whilst you're out of the UK for longer than 3 months)
  • HOSPITALISATION BENEFITS (weekly benefit up to a maximum 104 weeks)

Examples of Activities Covered by this Insurance (including competitions and racing as an amateur only):

  • Motorcycle Couriers & Despatch Riders
  • Rugby Players
  • Footballers
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Horse riding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Boxing and wrestling
  • Dangerous trades (e.g. Scaffolder, Roofer, Diver, Linesmen, Farmers)
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • All other Motorsports (amateur racing and trackdays)
  • Time Trials events, e.g. Goodwood Festival of Speed
  • Cycling (all types including Mountain Biking and Road Cycling)
  • Weightlifting
  • Basketball
  • Gymnastics and Dancing
  • Track and Field Athletes

Don’t see your sport, call us on 01953 451717* and ask us……..

Key Exclusions:

This Personal Accident insurance doesn't cover you if you're taking drugs (unless prescribed by a qualified doctor or dentist), for illness or disease , for suicide, competing in professional sports or whilst engaging in operational duties as a member of the armed forces.

Any event which occurs whilst You are out of the UK for a period longer than 3 months.

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