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Circuit, Road and Off road cover.

We are acutely aware that the most valuable asset in your home, is in fact YOU! It’s also the one asset that often gets forgotten when looking at protection insurance.

Have you ever thought what if the worse happens and you are not able to work for a number of weeks, months or even years.

Properly Protected have policies designed for motorcycle riders that mitigate the risk you take and protect your lifestyle should you be involved in an accident whilst riding or racing (as an amateur) or when at work. Income Protection also covers you if you're unable to work due to sickness, although pre-existing conditions may be subject to underwriting.

Properly Protected Short Term Income Protection Plans are designed for bikers on and off road; helping to put a regular monthly tax free income in your pocket and contribute towards day to day living expenses, e.g. if you're off work due to sickness or injury, the Properly Protected Short Term Income Protection policy will pay your agreed monthly tax free sum for up to 12 months.... Allowing you to concentrate on getting better, rather than on how to pay your bills.

Additional Option for Lump Sum Accident Injury Payments

In addition to income protection cover, many clients choose to add our Personal Accident plan; it works to compliment a monthly income with one-off tax free lump sums for fractures, burns or more serious life changing injuries - it also provides a benefit for your loved ones in the event of Accidental Death.

Properly Protecting your lifestyle for Personal Accident:

  • Up to £2,000 tax free per fracture payable
  • Up to £750 per week if you are hospitalised as an in-patient (maximum 104 weeks)
  • Up to £500,000 for life changing injuries / disablement
  • Up to £200,000 for accidental death
  • Perfect for self-employed people (as well as employed)

Cover continues 24/7 when AT WORK (all trades covered), AT HOME, when TRAVELLING (up to 3 months away from the UK) and when playing ANY AMATEUR SPORTS - professional sports injuries are excluded.

Guaranteed acceptance & immediate cover (NO underwriting).

Cover from as little as £3.96 per month !!

Call Properly Protected on 01953 451717* to speak to an expert about our personal protection plans.

Amateur racing and off-road riding all covered as well...

Sports insurance designed for bikers. Live your life and enjoy riding your bike. Whether that's on or off-road, including couriers, commuters, trackday riders (UK or overseas circuits), green-laning with mates or full on Extreme Enduro or track racing as an amateur...

  • INJURIES AT WORK covered too, not just when you're riding motorbikes
  • MOST SPORTS COVERED as an amateur
  • COVERED WORLDWIDE 24/7 (you must be a UK resident to buy cover though)